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Walmart Wants You To Have A Good TV Cheap

Photo via RCA

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

Nowadays, people want a big TV in their living rooms. That could mean a 65-inch or a 70-inch or even, as THX recommends, a 90-inch screen.

But what about elsewhere in the house? It goes without saying that you don’t need a 90-inch 120Hz Smart LED TV in every room. That would cost quite a bit of money. In many rooms (such as the bedroom, perhaps) a smaller, functional screen will do just fine.

That’s where Walmart comes in. Walmart is currently running a sale whereby a $449 RCA 42″ HDTV is available for only $213. Yep, that’s 53 percent off.

Save $230 on this RCA 42" LED TV (Photo via Walmart)

Save $230 on this RCA 42″ LED HDTV (Photo via Walmart)

RCA 42″ LED42C45RQ Class LED 1080p 60Hz (3.4″ ultra-slim) HDTV on sale for $219.99

It’s pretty neat to be able to get a 42-inch ultra-slim HDTV for just over $200. This is exactly what you want for a secondary (or tertiary) television. Getting it for over half off is an absolute steal. It’s unclear how long Walmart will have this deal available, so it’s better to jump on it sooner rather than later. If you want, you can save it for three months and send your kid off to college with it in September. Trust me, he’ll definitely appreciate it.

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