Do You See Donald Trump’s Face In This Bathroom Tile?

(REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Kelly McDonald Contributor
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A Virginia man says he can see Donald Trump’s face in his bathroom tile, local outlet WTVR reports.

“This cannot be. There’s no way,” Litten said when he first saw the image. But then, he says, he saw Trump’s face “clear as day.”

Litten says that he was sitting on his toilet and admiring his new tile floor when he realized that he could see an image of Trump with his arm folded on one of his bathroom tiles. Litten says that he estimates that the chances of such a thing happening at odds of “one in a trillion.”

He also stated that all of the workers working on his bathroom could see Trump in the tile as well. “It’s a perfect image of him!” Litten said.

Litten, who is a Trump fan, has stated that he is hoping that Trump will visit him while on the campaign trail, especially because he is suffering from lung cancer. But he has not heard from anyone from the Trump campaign yet.

A representative from the company that laid Litten’s tile floor said that it’s not uncommon for people to see images in the tiles, “sort of like when people see objects in clouds.”

Do you see Donald Trump in this floor tile?

Look at the image below and tell us what you think.