Eddie Bauer Remembered Father’s Day So You Didn’t Have To

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Feels like just last week it was Mother’s Day, right? Believe it or not, Father’s Day is next Sunday, so it’s time to buckle down and figure out what you’re going to get Dad. (Or yourself, for that matter).

In the next week-plus, many men’s clothing outfitters are going to have Father’s Day sales. Here at the Daily Dealer, we will keep track of them for you.

Until June 14, Eddie Bauer is having a site-wide Father’s Day sale. Everything is 30 percent off with the promo code DADS, which is pretty amazing. This includes items already on clearance, a fact that results in some stunning prices.

Eddie Bauer breaks down their Father’s Day gift guide in something they call the “Adventure Matrix.” The Adventure Matrix breaks guys into five distinct groups – namely, the trail trainer, the grill master, the summit seeker, the urban explorer and the weekday warrior.

Sure, there are ways besides the Adventure Matrix to navigate the Eddie Bauer website. (Say, going directly to the pants section). But it does provide a useful heuristic for finding something that you or your pop would like based off personality. Here is a breakdown of some of the best deals available in each section. Additionally, you’ll see how Eddie Bauer describes each father-type.

For the Trail Trainer – “When your dad isn’t hiking, he’s training. When he isn’t training he’s hiking.”

The trail trainer section is filled with shorts, T-shirts, sneakers and jackets. Particularly well-priced is the “Men’s Movement Jacket.” Usually $99, it is on clearance for $39.99. With the extra 30 percent off, it comes to only $27.99.

The Men's Movement Jacket is over 71 percent off its original price (Photo via Amazon)

The Men’s Movement Jacket is over 71 percent off its original price (Photo via Amazon)

Men’s Movement Jacket on sale for $27.99 with code DADS

For the Grill Master “Your dad sears steak like a pro and keeps the cooler well-stocked.”

The grill master section is probably the most relatable of the five. These are the type of stuff that every guy would wear. I could go through and list several deals, but one sticks out. (Maybe because the color is listed as simply “flag”).

These normally-$50 USA shorts are $35 with the Father's Day sale (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Yeah, you know you want these normally-$40 USA shorts (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Men’s Independence Day Drawstring Shorts on sale for $28 with code DADS

For the Summit Seeker“Your dad is all about logging vertical and sleeping under the stars.”

I’m going to be honest. I have no idea what the phrase “logging vertical” means. And even if I can guess that it has something to do with “seeking summits,” I have a very hard time believing that it is a thing that any real person has ever said. Then again, maybe this just proves I’m not qualified to comment on the products available in the summit seeker section. For what it’s worth, this hiking boot seems like a good deal for its 30 percent off price.

Normally $150, this Cairn hiking boot is $105 until Tuesday (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Normally $150, this Cairn hiking boot is $105 until Tuesday (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Men’s Cairn Hiker on sale for $105 with code DADS

For the Urban Explorer“Your dad pounds pavement looking for culture, cafes and culinary dares.”

Uhhh. Based off that italicized sentence, you should only get your dad something from this section if you do not think very highly of him. Even if you find something good here for your pop, do not show him the description of the urban explorer. That’s a recipe for getting punched in the face. Pretending that Eddie Bauer didn’t just call your father a pansy, this shirt is actually an amazing deal.

Typically $70, this shirt is on sale even before the extra 30 percent. At $27.99, it amounts to 60 percent off (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Typically $70, this shirt amounts to 60 percent off with the extra Father’s Day discount (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Men’s On The Go Poplin Shirt on sale for $27.99 with code DADS

Weekday Warrior “Your dad goes straight from the office to the trail in technically built staples.”

Okay, that sentence doesn’t make much sense either. Maybe we should just ignore the cheeky little descriptions. Judging by the selection in the weekday warrior category, this section just means “you work in an office.” Which is fine. People need clothes to wear to work. Take this classic Oxford shirt. Not something you’d see on the runway in Milan, but definitely something worth $52.50 to wear for eight hours every other week.

This is a shirt you would wear to work if you work in an office. Normally $75, the 30 percent makes it $52.50 (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

This is a shirt you would wear to work if you work in an office. Normally $75, the 30 percent makes it $52.50 (Photo via Eddie Bauer)

Men’s Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Oxford Classic Fit Long-Sleeve Shirt on sale for $52.50 with code DADS

You have until June 14 to make sense of these various sections and make use of the promo code DADS. While the Adventure Matrix may be a fun way to break down Eddie Bauer’s catalogue, you do still have the option of exploring the site the old fashion way. Shirts, pants, shoesouterwear, etc. You can also navigate “by activity,” such as “hiking and travel,” “training,” “fishing and field” or “mountain sports.” There are so many different ways to slice and dice Eddie Bauer apparel. I really had no idea.

Everything at Eddie Bauer — 30 percent off until June 14

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