Napolitano: It’s A ‘Conflict’ Of Interest For Obama To Endorse A Candidate Under FBI Investigation [VIDEO]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano says that President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton is a “conflict” of interest because she is currently under FBI investigation.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, co-host Steve Doocy said, “[Y]ou have the president of the United States, the chief law enforcement officer… and yet he’s got his arm around Hillary saying, ‘You know what, we need to elect her president of the United States.'” Doocy then asked asked Napolitano the endorsement means to James Comey, director of the FBI and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. (RELATED: After Meeting With Bernie Sanders, Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton [VIDEO])

Napolitano replied, “Well, it not only says to Comey and Lynch ‘I know you’re investigating somebody but I really want her to succeed me.'” (RELATED: Obama Guarantees There’s ‘No Political Influence’ In Hillary’s FBI Investigation)

“It says the same thing to the FBI agents in the field. You’re talking about hundreds of human beings, federal prosecutors, FBI agents, investigators, clerks, researchers and thousands of person hours investigating Mrs. Clinton on two fronts. The email scandal, which is potential espionage (the failure to keep safe state secrets that have been put in your hands) and public corruption (making decisions as secretary of state to benefit her husband’s foundation).” (RELATED: Napolitano On Hillary’s Emails: Obama Could Be Subpoenaed To Testify)

“So these people are saying, ‘Well, our work could now be nullified because of the president’s political wishes. He’s not saying, ‘stop investigating her.’ He’s not saying, ‘We’re not going to present this to a grand jury,’ but how can we continue with this investigation knowing that our boss wants this person who is the target of the investigation to succeed him? That is called a conflict.” (RELATED: Napolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It [VIDEO])


Napolitano went on to say that Clinton’s claim that there was zero chance should would be indicted because the rules were unclear was “absolutely not true.”

“On her second day in office, [Clinton] signed a document… we’ve all seen it. It’s a public document. It followed a two-hour tutorial that two FBI agents gave her on the proper care and lawful requirements for handling state secrets.”

Clinton “says she doesn’t remember the document. That document says what the rules are. And the rules are if the material is confidential, secret, or top secret, whether it is stamped Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret or not, you have to keep it in a secure government venue.”

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