Celebrate Father’s Day With Discounted DeWalt Power Tools

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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It’s officially time to start freaking out about what you’re getting the old man for Father’s Day. (I know this because my mom texted me today asking what I was getting my dad for Father’s Day).

The Daily Dealer is currently eagle-eyed in its pursuit of Father’s Day savings to tell you about. Recently, we discovered this gem hidden in the throes of Amazon’s vast online catalogue: $20 off DeWalt power tools.

Through June 19 – Father’s Day – you’ll get $20 off your DeWalt power tools if you purchase $100 worth or more. Amazon has 3,500 DeWalt power tools included as part of this sale. Thirty-five thousand is a lot of power tools. I think it is safe to say, it would be pretty hard to find some power tool or power tool accessory that Dad would NOT be able to use.

Obviously, some of these tools are over $100 themselves, and the purchase of one will get you an additional $20 off. There are some items, like welder kits and pavement breakers, that cost thousands of dollars. (Twenty dollars off them doesn’t really mean as much). More useful $100-plus tools are more along the lines of a circular saw ($119 before $20 discount) or a wet-dry vacuum ($109 before discount).

There are also scores of products under $100. Typical stuff like a drill bit set (14 pieces, $14.99) and a screwdriving set (45 pieces, $14.45). You could get several of the cheaper tools, add them up to $100, and, once the $20 discount is applied, get one tool set basically for free.

If you have a couple of hours to spare, you can dig through the 146 pages of DeWalt power tools included in this sale. You are guaranteed to find something you (or Dad) can use.

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