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Charles Johnson Offers To Buy Gawker For $350

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Gawker has announced its plans to sue GotNewsCharles C. Johnson. In return, Johnson said he’s willing to buy founder Nick Denton out for $350.

Gawker has filed for bankruptcy. The news was announced Friday.

“It’s kind of interesting that they sued me after they libeled me,” said Johnson, who was in shock after The Mirror informed him that Gawker is suing him. “I think it’s kind of interesting.”

Johnson: Hello.

The Mirror: How are you?

Johnson: Over the moon.

The Mirror: Did you know Gawker is suing you?

Johnson: Laughter.

Johnson told The Mirror that he has dropped his lawsuit against Gawker. In fact, he didn’t even show up to a May court date on the matter. “It is kind of interesting of them to come after to me, although I think it’s a move of desperation on their part,” he said.

Johnson had started proceedings to sue Gawker for heavily suggesting that he shit the floor in college. Johnson maintains that he helped save a guy’s life from alcohol poisoning.

“It’s news to me that Nick Denton is suing after maliciously libeling me for saving someone’s life in college. He deserves the prison time he’s going to get in Florida and I can’t wait to visit him during court approved visiting hours. I will install Pax Dickinson, my co-founder at WeSearchr, as CEO, to fire all the Gawker employees one by one.”

He says journalists from all sorts of publications he would not name have been calling him to ask if Peter Thiel is funding his lawsuit against Gawker, which no longer exists.

“All these journalists have been tying to call me and say Peter Thiel is funding my lawsuits,” he said. “I’m funding my own damn lawsuits…the good old American way. I don’t have any financial relationship with Peter Thiel. I just don’t. It’s weird to me that a suit that I’ve already dropped that they’re trying to come after me. It’s a very strange thing given that Gawker is bankrupt, they’re trying to get every little penny that they can. They’ll find that all I’m willing to pay them is $350 bucks for the whole site.”

Johnson says he’s got a bounty on Denton’s criminal actions on

He says it’s already up to $50,000.