Paul Ryan Reveals Criteria For Trump’s Vice Presidential Pick [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan shared some insight into his criteria for Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick: he or she better be able to hold Hillary Clinton “accountable” for using a private email server.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Ryan Friday, “What skill sets do you have to bring to that job to prosecute this case about what the server did to the United States?” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Longtime GOP Backer Says Ryan Wants Trump To Lose)

Ryan replied, “I think you just have to spell it out so that people understand the kind of thinking that goes behind this ‘I can live above the law, live above everybody else.’ There are certain standards that we expect among our elected officials, not least of which is the president of the United States.”

“And those standards are that we believe in the rule of law, and we believe in holding ourselves accountable to the rule of law, and that we should not live above the law,” he said. “That, to me, is one of the cardinal sins that Secretary Clinton violated. And that is one of those things that the VP … needs to point out.” (VIDEO: White House: FBI Investigation Into Hillary Is ‘Criminal’)

Ryan continued, “You have to have a VP who’s ready to step up and be president at any moment, but also a vice president candidate who can articulate the policy of the forthcoming administration, and can delineate the differences. And that’s something, there are a lot of capable people. I’m sure there’s a good list that’s being developed. That’s something that the VP is going to have to do.” (AUDIO: Hugh Hewitt: Scrap Trump. Keeping Him Is ‘Like Ignoring Stage IV Cancer’)

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