This WACKY, ULTRA-PROGRESSIVE College Leads The Nation In Reported Rapes, Study Finds

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Small, ultra-progressive Reed College in Portland, Oregon leads the nation in reports of rape per capita, according to U.S. Department of Education data collected by The Washington Post.

The 1,400-student college in an upscale, leafy neighborhood of Portland featured 18 reports of rape in 2014. That’s one allegation of rape for every 78 students — or a rate of 12.9 rape claims per 1,000 students.

The cost for a year of tuition, fees and room and board at Reed College is $65,300.

School officials have responded to the study by explaining that they have “worked hard to create a culture that does not tolerate sexual assault,” according to Portland NBC affiliate KGW.

“We have made the process very transparent and as friendly as it can possibly be in that situation,” Reed spokesman Kevin Myers told the Post. “It’s about helping the students who come forward get the help they need, in a way that they can control.”

Rebecca Peatow Nickels, the executive director of Portland women’s crisis center Call to Safety, praised Reed for its notably high number of rape allegations.

“For me, it’s an indicator that survivors know what their options are, know how to report and, umm, trust their school,” Nickels told KGW.

Portland police also lauded Reed’s stunning per-capita rape allegations — and suggested that more instances of sexual assault probably go unreported on campus.

“We know it’s underreported,” Portland police spokesman Pete Simpson told the NBC affiliate. “You know, our efforts the last several years have been to increase those numbers of reporting, uh, incidents so that victims feel that they can come forward to police.”

The 10 U.S. colleges and universities with the highest actual numbers of rape allegations include a trio of Ivy League schools — Brown University, Harvard University and Dartmouth College, according to the Post.

Stanford University is also in the top 10. (RELATED: This Stanford Rape Case Has Tipped Into Pure Insanity. Here Are The 8 Need-To-Know Details)

So is the University of Virginia. (RELATED: Here Are EIGHT Campus Rape Hoaxes Eerily Like The UVA Rape Story)

In addition to Reed, schools which feature exceptional rates of rape allegations per capita include Wesleyan University, a vegan-friendly haven for privileged New England kids, and Swarthmore College, a hothouse full of wealthy, globetrotting white kids who pitch fits about companies that profit from burning fossil fuels.

Gallaudet University, America’s premier college for deaf students, is also among the top 10 schools with the most rape allegations per capita, the Post says.

Last year, a Reed College professor banned a student from a classical Greek literature class because the student denied the existence of “rape culture” in the United States and argued that the oft-repeated statistic that 1 in 5 women are raped at college is bogus. (RELATED: Student Barred From Class For Disputing Rape Statistics)

An analysis of crime data by the Department of Justice has found that collegiate women are less likely to be assaulted than their non-student peers, and their overall victimization rate is closer to 1 in 40 than 1 in 5. (RELATED: DOJ Says .61 Percent Of Students Are Sexually Assaulted)

In 2013, Reed canceled two classes and forced the alteration of two others over fears that students could be exposed to alcohol, ordinary tobacco or information about the safe use of illegal drugs. (Courses Involving Tobacco, Alcohol And Drugs Called Off, Censored At Reed College)

Also in 2013, Reed was the subject of a Title IX investigation because freshmen witnessed toga-clad and occasionally naked upperclassmen participating in an odd campus tradition involving juniors and seniors who ask freshmen to provide “libations” for certain gods who will then bless the freshmen for the rest of the academic year. (RELATED: Naked Gauntlet Ritual At Reed College Now Under Title IX Investigation)

It remains unclear if anyone who saw any nude students had actually been or even claimed to be a victim of any sexual assault. The gender of the nude students is also not clear.

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