Did FBI Training Material Purge Cause Agency To Drop The Ball On Orlando Shooter?

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Could the FBI’s purge of training material relating to Islamic terrorism have led to the agency dropping the ball on Florida nightclub shooter Omar Mateen?

Mateen, who called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS Saturday night, killed 50 and wounded dozens of others at a gay nightclub in Orlando was interviewed by the FBI for possible links to terrorism multiple  times.

The FBI was the target of criticism when it was found that no action was taken when it was discovered that  2013 Boston bombers Tamerlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev were known to the FBI, when Russia sent a warning out about them.

Additionally, 2012 Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hassan was never investigated by the FBI, a report said, because of political correctness.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a counter-terrorism expert, told “Fox & Friends” Sunday morning about a recent experience he had with a staffer from the Obama administration’s Homeland Security office in which he briefed a Midwest police force about radical Islamic terrorism.

“I spent 8 hours with a Midwest police force—250 officers teaching them about jihad—and helping them understand about al Qaeda and the Islamic faith,” Gorka said.

“After 8 hours of talking to them a young woman walks up from the Obama administration from the Department of Homeland Security and says, ‘Look Dr. Gorka, that’s all very interesting, but I disagree with all of it because the primary threat to Americans is white supremacists.’”

A law enforcement source told The Daily Beast they declared Mateen a “person of interest” while an active investigation went on about him. The agency opened files on Mateen, whose parents are from Afghanistan, in 2013 and 2014, but felt there was nothing the FBI could follow up on.

“He’s a known quantity,” the law enforcement source said. “He’s been on the radar before.”

However, the FBI’s training on handling possible Islamic terror suspects was turned upside down five years ago, when the Obama administration began a purge of training material that would remove references to Islam that Muslim subject matter experts, hired by the Justice Department, found offensive.

By May 2012, the FBI was criticized for purging such material and denied that it had created its own politically correct counter-terrorism dictionary after Patrick Poole at PJ Media produced the document showing the FBI’s official lexicon.

Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, during a floor speech, also mentioned the “disappearing language” since the 9/11 Commission Report was published, which, unlike the FBI 2009 lexicon, referenced “Islam,” “jihad,” “Muslim,” etc.

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