The Tap Is The Most Secure Alexa Product

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The Alexa line of Amazon speakers — the Echo, the Tap and the Dot — are all the rage these days, and for good reason. These bluetooth speakers also serve as live-in home assistants, able and willing to help you with all sorts of everyday tasks like turning off the lights and ordering pizza. (Not to mention playing music).

When talking to folks about the Echo, the biggest and most powerful of the three, I hear the same concern over and over: Because the Echo responds whenever it hears the word “Alexa,” it has to be “always listening.” There’s something a bit creepy about the notion that Amazon intently listens to every word uttered within one’s own home; as such, it is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical of granting Jeff Bezos that level of access.

The Amazon Tap alleviates this concern. And, at the moment, it is at its lowest price ever. The Tap was created to be portable, so it does not remain connected to a powerful source. It therefore does not have the ability to “always listen.” To get the Tap to do something (anything the Echo can do), you first have to tap it (hence the name). It’s pretty simple, honestly. It’s the benefits of the Echo without the privacy issues.

The Tap is currently $20. It's never been available for this little (Photo via Amazon)

In April, the Daily Dealer was shocked to report that the normally $130 Tap was on sale for as low as $111. These kinds of things NEVER go on sale. Yet, now the price of the Amazon Tap is even lower. It is currently 15 percent off, or $109.99, the cheapest it has ever been.

Amazon Tap on sale for $109.99

WATCH The Amazon Introduces The Tap

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