An Islamic Terrorist Slaughtered Gay Men, And Democrats Won’t Admit It

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Katie Frates Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough
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The Democratic Party is facing an identity crisis: one of its favorite minorities just slaughtered 49 members of one of its other favorite minorities.

Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen entered Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., early in the morning Sunday and proceeded to massacre 49 innocent people and wound 53 others before police killed him hours later. He was allegedly enraged at seeing two men kissing a couple months prior to the shooting, according to his father, Mir Seddique. Seddique insists the rampage had nothing to do with religion, but Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi before entering Pulse.

If you’re unaware of ISIS’s position on homosexuality, the radical Islamic group likes to throw gay men off buildings.

The Democratic Party, liberal media and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have danced around any association between Islam and radicalism for years. Clinton finally admitted the existence of “radical Islamism” Monday during a speech about the Orlando attack after dodging the phrase during the San Bernardino and Paris attacksPresident Barack Obama, Clinton, Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and outlets like MSNBC and CNN have all attacked Republicans for connecting the barbarism of ISIS, al-Qaida and terrorists like Mateen, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Mali to Islam.

So what happens when a minority Democrats have championed for decades is attacked by something Democrats say doesn’t exist?

Perhaps nothing immediately, but it’s impossible to ignore the carefully-selected sentences, vague, nondescript platitudes, and finger-pointing at gun control. None of which is the Democratic Party standing up for the LGBT community and condemning a radical sect of Islam. A sect which unwaveringly declares it’s violent hatred for the LGBT community.

Maybe it was easy to ignore because no radical Muslim had targeted the LGBT community in America until now. The atrocities were safely tucked away on another continent, separated by vast oceans, America’s fatigue of anything in the Middle East, and our short attention spans. It never directly impacted the Democratic Party’s voters, until now.

Muslim Americans lean heavily Democrat, and so do LGBT Americans. Pew Research Center found in 2011 that 70 percent of Muslims identify as Democratic or lean Democratic. A measly 11 percent identify as Republican or lean Republican, and 19 percent identify as independent or don’t lean either way. A 2012 Gallup survey showed 44 percent of LGBT Americans identifying as Democratic and a paltry 13 percent Republican. Forty-three percent identify as independent.

The Democratic Party is walking a tightrope, and it’s stumbling. When you refuse to stand up for anything, you stand up for nothing; A community of people is wounded, and the party they’ve looked to as a champion of their civil rights is refusing to acknowledge an undeniable fact.

A radical Islamic terrorist murdered 49 defenseless gay people, and the LGBT community knows it.

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