Californians Want To Put Urinals In Women’s Bathrooms To Accommodate Chicks With Dicks [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Conservative video journalist Mark Dice asked Californians to sign a petition requiring the installation of urinals in women’s restrooms to accommodate transgender women who still have penises and don’t like urinating sitting down.


It took little to no prompting from Dice to get people to sign the petition.

In most cases, all it took was mentioning that President Obama supported the (fake) initiative — which would require at least one urinal in every public restroom — to get folks on board.

“This will just help to keep things fair,” Dice tells a bro wearing a pair of purple sunglasses.

Dice begins to tell another man that “some trans women still have penises –” which immediately secures a signature.

“Totally,” one woman tells Dice. “I get it… Keep up the good work, man.”

“Oh, yeah,” one Bride Tribe hat-sporting bro notes in between puffs of a cigarette. “I’ll sign for that. I’m all about that.”

At the video’s conclusion, Dice notes that while a few people declined to sign the petition, “nobody has argued with me, telling me this is a lunatic and insane idea.”

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