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Democrat Congressman Jim Himes To Boycott Moment Of Silence For Orlando Victims

(REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

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Anything short of grabbing all the guns is simply not good enough. Making a kind gesture to the victims of a mass murder just won’t do. Remembering that we have a thing called the United States Constitution is “inaction.”

Mary Clare Jalonick, Talking Points Memo:

A Democratic congressman frustrated with inaction on gun control said Monday he’s done with the moments of silence typically held on the House floor after mass shootings, calling them “obnoxious expressions of smug incompetence.”

Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes says he will leave the House floor when the chamber pauses to honor 49 people killed at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning.

So, Himes is making it all about him. That’s a much better way to honor the victims.

Congressmen swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. Now Jim Himes is throwing a temper tantrum because, in his mind, actually upholding the Constitution is “smug incompetence.” Due process is “obnoxious.” Why can’t we just ban the bad things? Why can’t we just take away everybody’s rights because some people abuse them?

These people are out of their minds. They’ll never stop trying to control you, and they’re not above exploiting any horrific act of violence to get what they want. They’re painting themselves in the still-warm blood of these terror victims, and screeching at you for remembering you still live in America. They’re quick to remind you that #NotAllMuslims are terrorists, but all NRA members are complicit whenever somebody gets shot.

Omar Mateen killed a bunch of people because he thought Allah wanted him to punish them for being gay. That’s what happened, but our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters can’t say so because it doesn’t fit the narrative. So it has to be something else. It has to be your fault, somehow. Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

Some will tell you not to worry about these totalitarians, because they’re just emotional right now. But it’s times like these when they’re the most dangerous. It’s times like these when their underhanded tactics work best. Don’t let them shut you up. Don’t let them control you. Don’t let them take away your rights because of their own fear.