Dolly Parton: ‘We Should Just Love One Another A Little More’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dolly Parton said the shooting in Orlando was just “horrible” and suggested “we should just love one another” more.

On Monday, at a press conference in Toronto the legendary country singer talked about her large following in the gay community and expressed her sadness over the terror attack that left 49 people dead at an Orlando nightclub Sunday, according to Billboard.

“First of all, I do have a big gay following,” she said. “I’m a patron saint for a lot of them guys, and it makes me feel good. All those drag queens, sometimes I see some of them look more like me than I do.” (RELATED: Dolly Parton Weighs In On ‘Bathroom Bill’)

“As far as what happened in Orlando, that’s horrible,” she added. “It wouldn’t matter what kind of club it was. It happened to be a gay, lesbian club.”

“And it’s a hate crime, it looks to me, is what they said,” she continued. “I am not God. I am no judge. I just know that God loves us all.”

“I just think it’s terrible that people kill anybody for any reason,” she said. “But the fact that you just kill somebody for being something you don’t agree with or don’t understand or accept, that’s terrible. It’s just terrible period.”

“We should just love one another a little more, don’t you think?”