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Gateway Pundit Outs Himself As Gay After Orlando Terror

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Jim Hoft (a.k.a “The Gateway Pundit”) came out of the closet Monday in Breitbart News.



“I came out in the 1980s to family and friends during the AIDS epidemic,” he wrote. “I saw a lot of friends get sick. I saw a lot of friends die. I went to a lot of funerals. It was a scary time to be gay. Like most gay Americans, I don’t wear my sexuality on my sleeve. I go about my daily business. I try not to harm anyone. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my country. I’ve been a conservative activist for years. But today I’m coming out as a conservative gay activist.”

Hoft’s largely first-person essay centered on the Orlando murders. He dismissed some liberal gay journalists for their “ridiculous” and “ignorant” remarks on the terror attack.

Like CNN liberal commentator Sally Kohn. Who blamed all religions for the murders.

Like blogger Perez Hilton. Who wrote, “FUCK YOU, NRA!”

Hoft fully supports the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump. “There is only one man who can lead this nation and protect all gays and all Americans,” he wrote. “His name is Donald Trump.”

He said he could no longer stay silent as his “gay brothers and sisters” get murdered at a dance club.