Hillary Calls For ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban In Wake Of Orlando Terrorist Attack [VIDEO]

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Derek Hunter Contributor

In an interview with NBC’s Today Show Monday, Hillary Clinton called for the reinstatement of an assault weapons ban.

“Let’s keep weapons of war off our streets,” Clinton said.

Asked why gun control laws weren’t passed after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Clinton said, “It’s not complicated; the gun lobby scares the heck out of elected officials and makes it a voting issue. We need to make it a voting issue.”

“It is no longer acceptable that elected officials at every level of government will not hear the cries, will not recognize the pain of the thousands, tens of thousands of people,” Clinton said. “Think about it, 33,000 people a year are killed by guns, many, many more thousands are injured by guns. And we have got to make it clear that we are going to stand up to that.”

“We cannot fall into the trap set by the gun lobby that says if you can’t stop every shooting and every incident you should not try to stop any,” Clinton said, “That is not how laws work. It’s not common sense. We need to get these weapons of war off the streets. We had an assault weapons ban, it expired, and we need to reinstate it.”