Kristol: ‘People Are Underestimating Trump,’ Orlando Terrorism ‘Helps Him’ Win [VIDEO]

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Bill Kristol says that the Orlando terrorist attack “helps” Donald Trump “if he uses it wisely” because Obama has been unwilling to be “serious” about the threat.

Appearing on NewmaxTV with Steve Malzberg on Monday, Kristol, an ardent “NeverTrumper” said that in light of the Orlando terrorist attack, “I suspect an event like this may end up helping Trump just because people will say, ‘Look, one side is kind of oblivious to the threat or just doesn’t want to see it because of political correctness.'” (RELATED: Trump: Hillary Can’t ‘Claim To Be A Friend Of The Gay Community’ With Her Immigration Policy [VIDEO])

“The other side, Trump in this case is kind of scattershot, demagogic even in response to the threat but at least he sort of knows there’s a threat and maybe he will get people around him who have a more nuanced idea of how to implement some sensible policies,” Kristol said. (RELATED: Trump Says He Will Suspend Immigration From Countries With History Of Terrorism)

Later, Kristol argued, “I think people are underestimating Trump’s chances in this election. If you look at Clinton, you look at Trump, Trump has got many, many deficiencies (I don’t think he should be president) but I got to say, you just look at him, and you think, you can see how people will talk themselves into voting for Trump.”

“One reason [people] are underestimating [Trump] is they look at these races; pundits do, and they look at it in a very static way, they don’t realize things like this, this terrorist attack happen, that helps Trump.”


“Obama’s sort of unwillingness to be serious about the threat has helped create the market, as it were for Trump and people are willing to forgive some of the demagogy and kind of irresponsibility, I would say of Trump because at least he seems to be aware of the problem and aware of the threat.”

Kristol later said that looking at it “objectively” the Orlando terrorist attack “helps Trump if he uses it wisely.”

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