Nick Cannon On Trump: He’s Been Able To Appear Transparent

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Nick Cannon said that Donald Trump has learned the art of appearing transparent and that is what has led to his political rise.

During an actors’ roundtable with the Hollywood Reporter, the 35-year-old actor was asked about what skill from reality TV has Trump been able to use that has helped him in the political realm. (RELATED: Nick Cannon Makes A Morbid Prediction About Whether He’ll Marry Again) 

“Transparency — or the appearance of transparency,” he said. “It’s the thing where people feel like, ‘He’s just like me, I know him, I’ve seen him on TV, he speaks my language.'” (RELATED: Bill Maher Blames PC Culture For Rise Of Trump)

Later Cannon agreed with TV executive Mike Darnell and said that the Republican presidential candidate has spent the last “14 seasons” in “everybody’s living room” so people feel like they know him.