Ramadan Roulette: Who’s Next?

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Julian Wan Freelance Writer
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On Sunday, June 12th at around 2:00 AM in Orlando, Florida, a lone gunman armed with a pistol and assault rifle managed to murder over 50 and maim 53 more at a gay nightclub in Central Florida.

We’re left reeling with the typical questions: Who did this? Why?

Depending on your political leaning, you blame one of two things.

If you’re a leftist, the culprit is invariably our American way of life. This includes all guns, decadence, and free speech. Islam will never be mentioned — despite it being the impetus for global jihad.

Democrats simply blame guns — then tell their sheep to stop thinking. They denounce violence against Muslims, all while the bodies of slaughtered gays are still warm.

If you’re at all intelligent, you’ll realize the culprit is radicalized Islamic terror — powerfully present in today’s American Society. Stronger today than 9/11.

And we were warned. We were warned three days ago when ISIS released a list of hundreds to be killed in the name of Islam. Of those hundreds, many lived in Florida.

We were warned, just prior to Ramadan, when Al-Baghdadi called on lone wolves to carry out Jihad during this Muslim holy month. He even said, “to make it a month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers.”

We were warned years ago, when a Central Florida-based Islamic leader Sheikh Sekaleshfar suggested gays should be murdered out of “out of compassion” and “let’s get rid of them now.”

So any sane group of people would heed these threats, understand the stakes, and react appropriately. At one point, we did that, and we all swore to “never forget”.

But America is no longer sane.

Obama spoke this afternoon, for fewer than five minutes and thirty minutes late — never mentioning Islam. Already the mainstream media has begun a bulleted dissection of Assault Weapons versus ‘Standard Firearms’ — and my gay friends on Facebook are already comparing this to ‘Sandy Hook’.

We ignore the writing on the wall, we tout political correctness, and we become the architects of our own demise.

Radical Islamic Terror groups are going to continue for the rest of this ‘holy’ month, perpetuating a bloody and disgusting reality that we must wake up to.

Their goal is very clear: Destroy the west. Us. All of us. They want as all dead. They want our laws gone, our freedoms gone, our entire way of life: decimated.

And the question for me becomes, “What, any longer, is a moderate Muslim?”

I can be killed in 10 Muslim countries just by being gay, due to the hateful and intolerant political oppression gays suffer under Islamic rule. In many more, homosexuality is still illegal.

I’ve watched gay men thrown off buildings in the Middle East.

I’ve watched them burned alive.

And now I’ve seen 50+ gay men massacred in America.

We are at war.

My friends and fellow gay men — we need to wake up to this reality. We are such a powerful and ubiquitous voice in American society, and we can’t sit idly by and allow our voices to be co-opted for gun control, or other asinine non-solutions to serious global threats.

Until we open our eyes, we are sitting ducks, plugging our ears and pretending ‘love’ conquers all.

So as the revolver barrel spins, we’re left to wonder, “Who’s next?”