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Anderson Cooper Identifies The REAL Bad Guy In The Orlando Massacre

(Photo: TMZ screen grab)

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Pam Bondi is the Attorney General of Florida. And thanks to Anderson Cooper, we now know an important part of her job description that she hasn’t been honoring: to be a “vocal champion for gay and lesbian citizens.”

Here’s Cooper earlier today, earning accolades from his peers by using a terrorist attack to settle a score with the real enemy: Republicans.

(Video courtesy of Newsbusters)

Sure, a gay Muslim Democrat just murdered dozens of people, but Anderson’s friends really don’t like Pam Bondi because they don’t understand what an Attorney General does.

Hey, if she didn’t want to get grilled like that, she should’ve tweeted about Gay Pride Month.

This is disgraceful, and Anderson Cooper should be ashamed of himself. If he really wants to honor the memory of those people, this is exactly the wrong way to do it. I never would’ve imagined he’d step over the bodies of terror victims to harangue an ideological opponent about his pet issue, but obviously I gave him too much credit. What a petty display from a small man.

People like Cooper, and that other jackass Dan Savage, think that enduring a lifetime of bullying gives them a license to bully others. It doesn’t. They’re just like the people they disdain.

Hang in there, Pam Bondi. It gets better.