If You Still Haven’t Figured Out A Father’s Day Gift Consider This Driver

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be tricky. Of course, clothing is always an option, as are grooming needs. But what if you’re looking for something a little more fun?

Consider this driver. The Cobra Baffler XL normally costs $250, but it is currently on sale for under $80.

It also gets great reviews by those who’ve used it. For example, Joe wrote:

“I received my Cobra Driver two days before anticipated. I was very excited and immediately took it out to the range. All I can say is “wow”. The ball went straight and long. It exceeded my highest expectations. At this point I am very pleased. I am 62 years young, hitting the ball better than ever with this driver and look forward to playing years of golf.”

And Charles Button corroborated:

“Great Driver! The product description mentions this driver reducing slices and it does indeed work. Although it doesn’t cut them out completely it was noticeable how much straighter my drives are. Several reviews mention this club cutting their range but I actually saw an improvement in my swing and distance. For the price this is a phenomenal product that beats out the competition for drivers up to $250.”

If it beats out drivers that also cost $250, think about how it sizes up against $80 drivers. Maybe I just like the idea of getting my Dad a driver because I broke his old driver Happy Gilmore-style when I was a little kid. Or maybe there’s something particularly appealing about the opportunity to snag a pro-caliber golf club for $168 off.

This Cobra Driver is 68 percent off just in time for Father's Day (Photo via Amazon)

This Cobra Driver is 68 percent off just in time for Father’s Day (Photo via Amazon)

Cobra Men’s Baffler XL Golf Driver on sale for $79.99

Cobra sponsors some serious PGA players, most notably Rickie Fowler. If it’s good enough for Rickie, it’s good enough for me. (Although I can’t say the same about his sartorial choices).

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