MSNBC Fails To Bleep ‘F**king F*g’ Comment [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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An MSNBC guest used the phrase “fucking fag” during a live TV interview with Jose Diaz-Balart on Tuesday.

Pedro Julio Serrano, executive director of Puerto Rico Para Todos, an LGBT advocacy group said, “This is an unspeakable tragedy for the Puerto Rican people. It could have been me, you know. I’m gay, I’m Puerto Rican. I’ve been to this club. … And when I started seeing the names that sounded so familiar to me. And then I started to see the faces, and I knew some of them. It just hit me hard, you know. I’ve had rifles like the one that was used on Sunday pointed at me and they told me ‘We’re going to kill you, you fucking fag.'”

Diaz-Balart cut in, reminding Serrano, “We’re on the air.”

Serrano then claimed, “Yeah, I didn’t say the words, but I want to tell people how much hate there is out there.”

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