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#NotAllMuslims Murder French Cop, Broadcast It Live On Facebook

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It’s been quite a busy week for the Religion of Peace, and it’s only Tuesday.

Tim Hume, Jim Bittermann, and Paul Cruickshank, CNN:

The man who killed a French police commander and a woman broadcast the aftermath of the attack live on Facebook Monday night, a French source close to the investigation told CNN.

Larossi Abballa, a local man with a previous conviction for jihad recruitment activities, carried out the deadly knife attack in Magnanville, northwest of Paris, the source told CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank…

During the Facebook broadcast, the child could be seen on a sofa behind Abballa, who told viewers he was not sure what to do with the boy. Some time later, French commandos stormed the house and killed Abballa, the source said.

I’m sure the video is out there somewhere. If you want to watch it, go ahead. I don’t.

Just like his co-religionist Omar Mateen, Abballa swore allegiance to ISIS before he was killed. No word yet from the NRA, which is clearly responsible.

Francois Hollande says this is “unquestionably a terrorist act.” As Jazz Shaw points out:

The French don’t need to wring their hands and wonder if Abballa was a member of some disaffected community which has a complaint with police officers. Nobody is debating whether or not he’s part of a political party which doesn’t capture enough votes in each election. The guy announced quite clearly that he was taking up the bloody flag of jihad and following the orders of his terrorist masters. Whether they had contacted him directly, supplied the knife he used or identified the target doesn’t matter.

He was an Islamic terrorist, and he killed those people because he thought Allah wanted him to. That’s who he was, and that’s why he did it.

Try it, liberals. Look at the facts and recognize them for what they are. It’s a lot easier than making endless excuses to protect your worldview. And it’s much more honest.

P.S. And back here in the States: another weird coincidence.