51% Disapprove Trump’s Response To Orlando Attack

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A majority of likely voters didn’t approve of Donald Trump’s response to the Orlando terrorist attack, a CBS poll conducted in the immediate days after has revealed.

51 percent disapprove of Trump’s response, while only 34 percent of likely voters disapproved of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s response, concluded the CBS poll published Tuesday.

The Poll asked 1,000 likely voters their thoughts on the Orlando attacks, specifically relating to the responses from Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and President Obama.

Clinton overall had a 36 percent approval rating, and a 34 percent disapproval rating, with an even 30 percent of respondents stating that they didn’t know what the Democratic nominee’s response was.

Trump saw a 51 percent disapproval rating, with only 25 percent of likely voters saying that they approved of Trump’s response. Faring the best of the three was President Barack Obama, with a 44 percent approval rating, and a 34 percent disapproval rating.

In addition to favorability numbers, the poll asked respondents what they thought about different aspects of the attack.

One question asked respondents if the attack was terrorism, or a hate crime, or both. 57 percent of respondents stated that it was both, with 25 percent stating that it was mostly a hate crime. When the respondents were divided along party lines, they still agreed that it was both a terrorist attack and a hate crime.

Respondents were then asked if U.S. Intelligence could have prevented the Orlando attack. 42 percent of respondents said yes, and 42 percent said no, indicating an even split in voter’s minds. That is very consistent with a poll shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, with 41 percent of respondents saying the attack could have been prevented, and 45 percent saying that it could not have been prevented.

Also, 57 percent of respondents supported stricter gun control, with 36 percent of Republicans and 79 percent of Democrats agreeing with each other.

While a large percentage of respondents asserted they didn’t approve of Trump’s response in the wake of the attacks, a Bloomberg poll published Tuesday asked 400 people Sunday which candidate they felt would better handle a hypothetical attack one year from now, Trump or Clinton. 41 percent of those surveyed said Clinton, while 45 percent said that they felt more confident in a President Trump to appropriately handle a mass shooting.

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