Curt Schilling Will Make Liberal Heads Explode With His Latest Comments On Guns

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Baseball legend Curt Schilling fired off a lengthy blog post about liberals and guns.

The blog post titled, “You want to argue gun control? Know what the hell you’re talking about then!” laments the misinformation and lies of liberals. (RELATED: Curt Schilling Shuts Down Gun Control Supporters With This Simple Message After The Orlando Terrorist Attack)

He laid the smackdown with some obvious information that he apparently feels most liberals aren’t aware of. He wrote in part:

What I am now distraught about is the sheer volume of people calling for this corrupt, lying phony agenda driven group of divisive human beings in D.C. to make more laws. I can’t think of anything we need LESS!

People understand this, for the most part every single thing you clamor for in the way of new laws? THEY ALREADY EXIST!

It’s illegal to shoot another human

It’s illegal to buy a gun without a serial number

It’s illegal to enter a bar with a loaded firearm that is a ‘gun free’ zone

It’s illegal to purchase ANY firearm if you beat your wife, are on the FBI watch list and about 200 other things this sadistic piece of garbage was.

All these things are illegal, always have been.

More laws don’t stop the lawless, they hinder the law abiding.

The former Red Sox pitcher has had multiple opinions about guns and terrorism since the attack in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people killed. He has advocated for fewer restrictions on the military in an attempt to wipe out the terrorist threat. (RELATED: Curt Schilling: Let Our Soldiers Do Their Job)

Terrorist Omar Mateen was killed by a SWAT after his terror rampage at the Pulse club.

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