Mike Rowe: Stop ‘Cherry Picking One Form Of Education’ As Path For Success

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Mike Rowe said politicians needs to stop pushing a college degree as the only successful form of education.

In an interview with National Review, the “Dirty Jobs” host said that’s why “the world is full of very happy septic-tank cleaners and miserable investment bankers.” (RELATED: Mike Rowe Just Called This Presidential Candidate ‘A Knucklehead’)

“Our elected officials have glommed onto college as the golden ticket, the wish fulfillment, the human right–and therefore, the thing that ought to be made free and available to all,” Rowe said. “If you’re going to say education should be made free, then own it across the board–talk to me about options of trade school, apprenticeships, fellowships, and training programs.” (RELATED: Mike Rowe Drops A Graduation Truth Bomb On Entitled Millennials)

“Every time I go to D.C. to talk about the skills gap, I will get calls from aides and senators from both sides and they all say the same thing: ‘Boy, your message is so on point with us — you’re really our people.’ And I’ll say, ‘Do you know who I just got off the phone with?'”

“There’s nothing magical about job satisfaction. It has so much less to do with the job and everything to do with the person,” he said.