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Shocker: Liberal Journo Calls Orlando Islamic Terrorism

(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Barack Obama clearly found Donald Trump’s criticism of his refusal to call the Orlando attack Islamic terrorism far more offensive than the ISIS leaders who inspired it.  

So maybe now he should berate liberal New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi for describing the shooting in no certain terms as Koranic carnage.

True, Stasi contended that Omar Mateen’s “murderous rage” was primarily fueled by his own “homophobia.” But she linked that to Islam, which Obama and almost all Democrats, except Barney Frank,  have refused to do, and have blamed America instead.

Stasi emphatically declared today that, “Make no mistake, and say it loud: Radical Islamic terrorism killed 49 innocent Americans and wounded 53 more early Sunday morning at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. And it was radical Islamic terrorism that put unbound hatred into the heart of gunslinging mass murderer Omar Mateen.”

“But what self-serving politicians and haters aren’t saying aloud is that what drove this sociopath to mass murder was homophobia – of the self-loathing kind; of the kind practiced in radical Islam-controlled countries.

“No, this slaughter wasn’t jihad by a true believer, or by a foreign terrorist, but by an American-born, shamed closeted gay Muslim. A man who was taught by his radical, hate-filled Islamist father to despise himself and hide himself; and by extension to rage at everyone who is free in a free society to explore their sexuality.

“Mateen’s murderous rage wasn’t so much about allegiance to ISIS, as it was about Islamic-forbidden sex. Because Mateen had to hide his homosexuality — he even married two women, one of whom he beat — he knew he would never be free to explore his true nature without disgrace. So he killed others in the name of ISIS to cover his shame. It was better to claim he was killing for the worst humans on earth, than to admit to a sexual preference that ISIS would have butchered him for it anyway?”

Stasi then detailed the way gays are brutally killed by ISIS. Again, this might sound like stating the obvious but The New York Times continually ignores the kind of atrocities she mentioned.

“ISIS has killed scores of gay men — 25 in Syria alone — by throwing them off minarets, beheading them or stoning them as they believe this Koran passage dictates: For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds… And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone).”

Stasi was widely attacked following the San Bernardino shooting for suggesting one of the victims kind of deserved to be killed because one was “an NRA-loving bigoted Jew.”

That was an incredibly putrid comment.  

But at least Stasi proved today she has enough integrity to occasionally unleash rhetorical stink bombs in her own ideological backyard. Unlike conservative intellectuals who fancy themselves really brave and courageous for demonizing Trump, Stasi’s broadside is unlikely to get her more writing assignments or TV appearances.