Virginia Writer Evicted From Home For Being On ISIS Kill List

Jacob Bojesson | Foreign Correspondent

An anti-Islam writer was evicted from his Williamsburg, Va., apartment after the landlord found out he was a potential target of Islamic State.

The FBI showed up at Edward Cline’s apartment in May to inform him he could be targeted by ISIS. When Cline’s landlord found out what was going on and decided to evict him because he “put other residents at risk.”

“The situation is unprecedented in my lifetime experience,” Cline said in an interview with “I’ve never before been evicted or thrown under the bus for what I think and write.”

Cline’s landlord, Alison Otey, said the potential risk tenants at the apartment complex are put in because of Cline was the reason for the eviction.

“Lawson Enterprises most important task every day is the safety of all of our residents,” Otey said in a written statement to “We concluded that the activities of this individual put other residents at risk.”

Cline, 69, whose work is fairly unknown to the broader mass, does not hide his resentment for the religion of Islam.

“Islam is not compatible with any Western system of government and there’s no such thing as a moderate Muslim,” he told “It has always been a totalitarian ideology.”

Several journalists and writers have been targeted in recent years for work Muslims consider offensive. Most notably, 12 people from the editorial staff of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed Jan. 7, 2015, by radical Muslims cartoons depicting Muhammad.

Cline said he doesn’t fear for his life because prominent people are more likely to be targeted.

“The FBI agent said the chances of anyone really targeting me were minimal to nil,” he said. “There are just too many bigger fish out there to fry, or knife, or otherwise attack.”

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