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Larry King Has ‘Jewish Sense Of Loyalty’ But Won’t Vote For Trump

Georgia Williams Contributor

Good news everyone, Larry King is here to tell us that he knows the real Donald Trump.

And it’s not a man who’s a racist.

While the semi-retired TV and radio host regrets to say that he will not vote for fellow 1995 Father of the Year Donald Trump, in an interview with SiriusXM’s Pete Dominick Thursday, King noted that he does have a “Jewish sense of loyalty” to his friends including The Donald. (The Donald isn’t Jewish, clearly, but King obviously thinks Jews are loyal.)

Even so, King thinks that “some of his opinions have gone” too far and that he’ll  be voting for Hillary Clinton in the fall.

It doesn’t seem like the decision was a tough one for King, who noted that he enjoys a friendship with the former Secretary of State and the presumptive Republican nominee. He was eager to point out, like anyone else who could do the research to prove this, that Trump had a pro-choice opinion 10 years ago. King asked: “How could you not believe in climate change?” and called his longtime friend an “opportunist” who “jumps in and takes advantage” when he sees an opening.

Even though he dragged his so-called “friend” through the mud on the record, King did throw him a bone, saying “I like him and I don’t think he’s a racist.”