Meryl Streep Is Headed To Africa With Michelle Obama

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Meryl Streep is headed to Africa with Michelle Obama at the end of June as part of a White House education initiative.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that the 66-year-old actress would be traveling with the first lady, Sasha and Malia Obama (and their grandmother) as part of the “Let Girls Learn Initiative,” People magazine reported Thursday. (RELATED: Meryl Streep Dresses Up As Donald Trump In Stage Show [VIDEO])

Streep and Obama will also be joined in Marrakech by another actress, Freida Pinto, to discuss “the challenges women in the African country deal with on a regular basis.”

Obama will make several stops in the region and will also talk to young girls about the importance of having an education and staying in school.

This is not the first time the two have gotten together on a project, according to Variety. (RELATED: Meryl Streep Defends All-White Panel: ‘We Are All Africans Really’)

Last year, they had a conversation for More magazine regarding equal rights for women.

“We’re viewed as equals, but we’re still not there yet,” Streep said. “For the first time, we have the expectation that we can have a broad array of choices, that we could lead in almost any part of society. And yet we face resistance.”

“We see that here at home in our government — in the House and the Senate,” she added. “We see that in our boardrooms. We see that in Hollywood.”

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