Pelosi Not Saying If She Will Support Wasserman Schultz As DNC Chief [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter

Democratic National Committeewoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s days as head of the DNC could be numbered. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would not give the Florida congresswoman her support when asked at the leader’s weekly presser if she would support her for DNC head for another term.

“Madam leader, on that point, Senator Sanders did say that he would like to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz replaced as the head of the DNC. Hillary Clinton did not close the lid on that by any means. What are your thoughts about Senator Sanders suggesting that?” Pelosi was asked.

She replied, “Well, I’m ex officio I guess now a leader, but I was on the DNC a long time before I came to Congress. And we took great pride in being the ones who voted for who would be the chair of the DNC. So if you want to know who’s going to be chair of the DNC, I think you should look to the membership of the Democratic National Committee.”

Pelosi was further pressed on the issue and was asked, “Should she step aside though, as Senator Sanders is suggesting?”

The California Democrat responded, “Again, who is the chair of the committee is up to the members of the Democratic National Committee.”

Wasserman Schultz has found herself in the middle of the Democratic presidential primary war between Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ supporters accused the DNC committeewoman of favoring Clinton over Sanders during the primary when it came to issues like the debates and access to voter data. Sanders called for her to step down from her position at the DNC and endorsed her primary opponent.

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