Report Claims That Trump Wants To Start His Own News Network


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter

Donald Trump is considering starting his own news network to capitalize on the audience he has attained during his run for the White House, a new report claims.

According to Vanity Fair, several insiders say that the Republican presidential nominee is indeed looking to grow his TV production business into a “mini-media conglomerate” cable news network. (RELATED: Donald Trump Revokes Washington Post Press Credentials)

Trump has said, “Win or lose, we are onto something here,” Vanity Fair reported. “We’ve triggered a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time.”

The nominee has reportedly noticed he is making money for other media outlets and knows he has what it takes to capitalize on some of that for himself.

“Trump has ‘gotten the bug,'” the source told Vanity Fair. “So now he wants to figure out if he can monetize it.”

Hope Hicks, the campaign spokesman, said there is no truth to the statement.

“While it’s true Mr. Trump garners exceptionally high ratings, there are absolutely no plans or discussions taking place regarding a venture of this nature,” she said.

“The press is so totally biased that we have no choice but to take our tough but fair and smart message directly to the people!” Trump once tweeted.