Teen Blocks Transgender Men From Entering Women’s Bathroom [VIDEO]


Kelly McDonald Contributor
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A mob of transgender men berated a teenager who attempted to block their access to a women’s bathroom in the Dominican Republic on Monday, according to Townhall.

Jean Marco Pumoral, a teenager, blocked the entrance to a women’s bathroom in Santo Domingo when he realized that several transgender men were attempting to enter the bathroom, which was being used by a biological woman at the time. The transgender men eventually began chanting that Pumoral, and a handful of people who stood by him to help block the door, were “transphobes” who were practicing “discrimination.”

The event occurred during a conference for the Organization of American States, which hosted several speakers, from pro-life advocates to LGBT speakers.

Pumoral stated that he was merely trying to protect the privacy of the woman using the bathroom: “My obligation as a gentleman is to safeguard the security of the women.”

There are no laws that permit biological men to use women’s bathroom facilities in the Dominican Republic.

Watch a video of the confrontation here.