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The Idiot’s Guide To The AR-15

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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There is a lot of misinformation about the AR-15 rifle. Let’s clear up a few misconceptions for the highly opinionated, under-informed vocal gun control advocate.

1)  What is an AR-15 rifle?

A gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine fed semi-automatic shoulder fired rifle.

2) What does AR stand for?

AR is the abbreviation for the state of Arkansas where the first AR was made. The ‘15’ comes from having to be 15 years old to purchase the rifle with the consent of an adult.

3) Are they weapons of war?

Yes, all United States wars since 1776 have been fought with the AR-15.

4) Are they the most powerful gun in the USA?

Yes, except for many hunting rifles and target rifles that are extremely common.

5) How many bullets do they hold in the clip?

Bullets are a component of the cartridge or round. A clip holds cartridges together. A magazine stores cartridges and is inserted into the gun. So the answer to this question is zero.

6) I was told they can fire 950 rounds a minute. Is that true?

Yes, and each rifle comes with five 950 round magazines. So if you are able to pull the trigger over 15 times a second and carry a 950 round magazine you have the ability to shoot at that rate.

7) Why does anyone need an AR-15?

Police have no duty to respond as was witnessed in the Baltimore riots. In the absence of government protection the AR-15 is an excellent personal protection tool.

8) Why can’t congress stop the sale of the AR-15?

Because there are secret companies that make these rifles and republicans have stock in these companies. As long as the stock price continues to rise, they will be legal. Stock can be purchased from a kiosk in the lobby of the gun lobby.

9) Is this rifle inherently evil?

Of course, all objects are either good or evil.

10) Does the AR-15 shoot exploding bullets?

Yes. The bullets are filled with nitroglycerin and can only be purchased where menthol cigarettes are sold. This law dates back to 1929 and is known as the Newport Act.

11) Can an AR-15 be taken to a gun free zone?

No, because then the zone would not be gun free. A gun free zone is an honor system designed by super smart people to keep people safe from evil objects.

12) Now that I know all this am I still an idiot?

Possibly so. It depends on what you believe to be true.

Mike Piccione