You Can Get A Pair Of Ray-Bans For $120 Off Right Now

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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There’s nothing to get you through summer quite like a pair of Ray-Bans. Both stylish and practical, they are truly the great American brand.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if we are talking quality), they are not cheap. Typically in the realm of $200, they are sure to put a dent in your pocketbook. At least at that price.

There is currently a deal on eBay in which you can get a pair of $190 50mm Wayfarers for less than $70. If you want to save $120 on Ray-Bans, this is the time to do it. Especially since there is a limited quantity.

I just bought a new pair of Ray-Bans for the full $200, and while it was tough parting with two Benjamins, I still feel great about it. Wearing them makes me feel like the wolf of Wall Street, king of the world. I’m imagining how great I’d feel if I had gotten them for only $70.

Ray-Bans for only $70 is a sight to behold (Photo via eBay)

Ray-Bans for only $70 is a sight to behold (Photo via eBay)

Ray-Ban Polarized Original Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses on sale for $69.99

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