That DeWalt And Black & Decker Deal Also Applies To Makita

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Time is running out until Father’s Day, which also means that time is running out on Father’s Day deals.

Amazon seems to think that dads really love power tools. And by really love, I mean love so much that they need DeWalt, Black & Decker and Makita tools.

Earlier this week, the Daily Dealer told readers about the Father’s Day promotion for DeWalt ($20 off orders of over $100) and Black & Decker ($10 off orders of over $50). Well, if you or your pop prefer Makita to those American brands, you can get the same deal on their power tools as well. Until Sunday (also known as Father’s Day), you’ll get $20 off orders of over $100.

To be fair, Makita does have the biggest selection of the three brands, with over 3,600 tools and accessories to choose from. Here’s what they have:

If you need any sort of power tool, there is a very, very, very good chance Makita sells it. And if it costs more than $100 – or if you need more than one – then there is a 100 percent chance you’ll get it for $20 off.

Makita Power Tools — $20 off through Father’s Day

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