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Washington Examiner’s Managing Editor Issues ‘Yuge’ Putdown Of Trump

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Georgia Williams Contributor
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We all know that Donald Trump‘s new numbers are nothing to brag about, and in a windy Trump-style piece for the Washington Examiner, managing editor Philip Klein has managed to do in over 800 words what many have done in less than 140 characters:

Klein is, of course, vehemently anti-Trump, saying he would “never, ever, ever” give him a vote in February despite being a political conservative in another lengthy piece. He even went so far as to officially de-register as a Republican voter back in May. [RELATED: How Can This Guy Still Manage His Newsroom?]

So why is he devoting a piece longer than the standard college application essay to mimicking the GOP nominee? Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery?

Klein is certainly doing a funny job if he expects to be managing a newsroom that people are supposed to be taking seriously.