Woman Charged With DUI After Drinking Entire Bottle Of Vanilla Extract

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Police charged a 67-year-old Georgia woman with DUI this month after allegedly causing a crash while drunk on vanilla extract, The Loganville News reports.

According to the report, the woman was following another vehicle too closely at an intersection and ran into the back of another vehicle.

When the driver of the car that was hit went to confront the woman, she reportedly would not roll down her window and seemed intoxicated. She finally exited the vehicle after officers came to the scene and apparently fell out of her car.

The supposedly under the influence driver made her way to a nearby business where she locked herself in a bathroom. She remained in there until a female officer arrived to escort her out.

“She was unable to perform the field sobriety test completely and officers reported the smell of alcohol on her breath and found an empty bottle of vanilla extract that she appeared to have consumed,” reported The Loganville news. The woman also reportedly vomited on the car seat as well as defecated on herself.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution notes that vanilla extract essentially has an alcohol content of 35 or 40 percent.

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