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To start us off on our weekend reading, here’s a good read by Rich Lowry in Politico asking us to take a second look at Donald Trump‘s speech after the Orlando attack. Trump was widely panned for asking the nation to consider that the killer was “in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here.” As Trump put it, “that is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.” Lowry points out that “the reaction of much of the opinion elite was nearly instantaneous: Whatever we do, let’s not talk about that fact.” Why You Should Read This: It asks us to consider a question the media refused to let us: why do we repeatedly see Americans killed by children of immigrants?

On the other end of the spectrum of importance, Charlie Warzel from BuzzFeed is trying to ingratiate himself with Apple by thanking them for keeping the pernicious influence of big guns away from our Emoji keyboards. No, seriously. It’s hard to think what’s more full of hot air on this issue: Apple protesting to keep a rifle out of the Olympic sports emojis or Warzel devoting a whole piece to something so inconsequential. Why You Shouldn’t Read This: It doesn’t matter, and the issue can be summed up in a paragraph anyway.

Speaking of BuzzFeed, they just fired two people who were “leading BuzzFeed’s expansion into content aimed at Latino and LGBT viewers,” reports Kelsey Sutton at Politico. The issue seems to have popped up over a non-competition clause in the former employees’ contracts that BuzzFeed alleges they violated. Why You Should Read This: The question of what employees can and can’t do outside of work in the Internet age is compelling – is BuzzFeed handling this the right way?

Eric Boehlert typically writes for Media Matters, but here is in HuffPost covering Fox News’ effort to convince the nation that we should have police surveillance in our country’s mosques. His article paints Fox as a puppet of the GOP and makes them sound like a bunch of big ole scary racists. However, he does have a point – there haven’t been any leads that resulted in thwarting terror plots that came out of mosque surveillance, and most domestic terrorists are radicalized online through jihadi material on the Internet. Read It If You Want To.

To wrap us up let’s look at a helpful reminder that the New York Times used to feel very differently about the terror watch list that they’re now cheering as part of the “No Fly, No Buy” bill being discussed in Congress. T. Becket Adams with the Washington Examiner reports that back in 2014, they slammed the watch list for wrongfully including law-abiding citizens with no ties to terror groups. But now they’re playing a different tune, and blaming the NRA for the attack in Orlando because it failed to allow Congress to close the ‘terror gap’. Make up your mind, NYTWhy You Should Read This: Adams is keeping it real about NYT flip-flopping depending on what best suits their agenda.