Benghazi Hero Furious Over Democratic Strategist’s Defense Of Hillary [VIDEO]

The Blaze

Page Marshall Contributor
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Kris Paronto says Hillary Clinton left him behind in Benghazi.

Paronto was a member of the CIA annex security team that reacted to the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. special mission in Benghazi, Libya. Paronto and his team fought off terrorists for over 13 hours in order to save more than 20 lives. He recently appeared on The Blaze with host Tomi Lahren.

A few weeks prior to Paronto’s interview, Lahren discussed Benghazi with a democratic strategist, Bernard Whitman. She replayed Whitman’s responses for Paronto to how he would react.

“You know what really ticks me off about the whole Benghazi situation?” Whitman said in the clip, “Democrats never once, a single time, went after George W. Bush when 3,000 plus Americans were killed in the World Trade Center.”

Whitman also went on to say that members of the late-Ambassador Chris Stevens’ family and friends are “disgusted at the fact that the right wing has used his death as some sort of a political ploy.”

Paronto did not take these comments lightly and said, “My disgust with that is paramount. As you can tell I am a little bit emotional because of that, it really pisses me off.”

“That night in Benghazi… the State Department could have helped out and they didn’t,” Paronto noted, “That night they could have helped out and they decided to tell the Department of Defense to not come to our assistance. I don’t know why. I still don’t know why.”

In regards to Hillary Clinton, Paronto argued, “As a commander-in-chief you have the responsibility to help Americans when they are overseas and she did not. And now we’re going to put her in charge of the greatest military in the world?”

Paronto added that he served overseas under George W. Bush as well: “He never left me behind. Not one time.”