Giuliani: Obama’s ‘Denial’ Of Radical Islam Will Lead To ‘More Attacks’

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says that the Obama administration’s denial of radical Islamic terrorism is “dangerous for the country” because it will encourage terrorists to “commit more attacks.”

Rudy Giuliani, Screen Grab FNC, 6-14-2016

Rudy Giuliani, Screen Grab FNC, 6-14-2016

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Monday, Giuliani responded to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s statement that the Obama administration would redact any reference to the Islamic State in the transcripts of the phone calls made by the perpetrator of the Orlando terrorist attack Omar Mateen. (RELATED: Lynch: Feds Will Censor Orlando Terrorist Call Transcripts To Omit ISIS Pledges)

Giuliani said that the Obama administration’s actions would be similar to World War II “if I called up and said that I’m part of the Nazi movement, I’ve joined here in the United States and I’m going kill 49 Americas and we left out the Nazi movement.”

“There’s a degree of denial here that is dangerous for the country,” Giuliani said, adding that the denial leads “the terrorists to be encouraged to commit more attacks.” (RELATED: Obama Lashes Out At Trump, Defends Not Using ‘Radical Islam’ Label)

Giuliani went on to say that the refusal to call out radical Islamic terrorism has “been proven wrong. It’s been proven wrong by Brussels, by Paris, by San Bernardino, by this attack.”

Those terrorist attacks “are in direct response to our weakness.”

The former United States attorney went on to say that if he refused to explain the “motive” when he was a prosecutor, “My boss would fire me. The jury wants to know the motive for the crime. The killer has told us the motive for his crime.”

Last week, Obama said that using the term “radical Islam” was a “political distraction.”

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