Ivanka Trump Pushed Her Father To Fire Lewandowski

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The decision to fire Campaign Advisor Corey Lewandowski came after Ivanka and Eric Trump petitioned the Republican front-runner Donald Trump to rethink his current campaign strategy.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, had an ongoing dispute with campaign director Corey Lewandowski. Neither Ivanka nor Eric liked that Lewandowski had such an easy audience with Donald. They argued that keeping Lewandowski provided unnecessary drama to the campaign, prevented the hiring of more experienced campaign staff, and also used his position at Trump’s ear to push him onto issues that simply “didn’t matter,” according to CNN.

While the campaign was trying to transition to the general election, Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, was working in the background to ensure efficient localized campaign operations. Lewandowski reportedly didn’t like the shift in campaign strategy from a bare-bones style to a more involved traditional campaign style.

Lewandowski was forced to learn how to work with other advisors when the Trump campaign hired on Paul Manafort as campaign Chairman in April. There was internal struggle, with Manafort pushing for a more traditional campaign methods, and Lewandowski fighting to retain control over his unique campaign style.

Lewandowski responded by attempting to plant negative stories in the media about Ivanka’s husband, according to CNN. After that push, Ivanka and Eric reportedly sat down with the Republican contender for President Sunday to discuss what needs to be done with Lewandowski.

Trump decided early Monday to let Lewandowski go.

Corey Lewandowski worked with the campaign since the beginning, and crafted the small “efficient” style of campaign that Trump became famous for. According to The Hill, Lewandowski is fiercely loyal to Trump, stating Monday that he would continue to fight for Trump, even if he had to do so outside of the campaign.

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