Republican National Committee Member Calls For Trump Staffers To Be ‘SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD’

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A Republican National Committeeman from Arizona has called for Donald Trump’s Arizona campaign staffers to be killed because of their gross ineptitude.

The committee member is Bruce Ash, reports the Arizona Independent.

Ash suggested the executions on Saturday during an interview on Tucson AM talk radio station KVOI as he was criticizing Trump staffers for failing to prevent the appointment of former Utah Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen to the rules committee at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Ash described Mickelsen as someone who is loyal to 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He also described Trump’s Arizona campaign as an organization in terrible disarray.

Trump’s national campaign leaders were either “asleep at the switch” or ignorant about how campaign convention rule work, Ash said. He said high-ranking Trump staffers Paul Manafort, Ed Brookover and Corey Lewandowski “allowed the chairman of the RNC” — Reince Priebus — “to throw in his people on” a pair of “extraordinarily important committees.”

“This is not just on Priebus,” Ash said. “This is on Trump, also. The men that he had, supposedly, in the RNC watching the chicken house weren’t watching the chicken house. And they ought to be taken in back of that shed and shot in the back of the head — execution style — because they fell down on their duty. They let this happen.”

Ash then offered something resembling a conspiracy theory about how Republican operatives are seeking to replace Trump as the 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

Priebus “bumped Mike Duncan, former chair of the RNC, because Duncan wouldn’t allow any kind of things to go on in that committee that would have denied Mr. Trump the nomination,” Ash suggested.

“I believe what we are seeing is an inside job,” Ash explained. “There is already beginning to appear to be discredit for the presumptive nominee within the RNC and within Senate and House leadership. I don’t know where this is going to lead. They still need to get the majority — a two-thirds majority — of the members of the convention to suspend the rules with respect to unbinding the delegates on the first ballot. But these appointees are likely to be able to hold sway — considerable sway.”

Ash promised that, even though Trump was not his “first, second, or third choice” for president, he would be “fighting any rules change that takes the delegates’ votes away from where they were originally intended” because Trump won the majority vote in the primaries and caucuses.

The Republican National Committee’s website offers a short biography of Ash. He was first elected as a committee member in 2007, the bio says, and he currently chairs the GOP’s Standing Committee on Rules. He is president of Paul Ash Management Company, LLC and has served on the boards of a handful of Arizona-based banks.

The Saturday KVOI program which featured the Ash interview is called “Inside Track.” It offers “smart and edgy political talk.”

The interview with Ash begins at about the 25-minute mark of the radio program. Ash’s statements concerning the execution of Trump staffers occurs at around the 31-minute mark.

Ash has called for violence on the same radio show in the past.

In 2014, he suggested “kneecapping” a pair of radio hosts at a competing radio station because the hosts disagreed with him politically, according to the Daily Independent.

Should the KVOI interview disappear from the radio station’s website, the Daily Independent has obtained a copy.

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