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The Daily Milo: Milo Takes A Shot At An Internet Publication

Georgia Williams Contributor
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Daily thoughts of a self-described “dangerous faggot.” 

Milo Yiannopoulos, often known just as Milo or by his Twitter handle, @Nero, is a British journalist, the editor of Breitbart News’ tech section, and constant provocateur. Billing himself as the “dangerous faggot,” his college campus tour of the same name has elicited violent protests nationwide, including the famous “Triggering” at the University of Massachusetts in April.

He was supposed to have a town hall at University of Central Florida in Orlando the week after the tragic shootings. Police said they couldn’t guarantee his security and the event was canceled. Instead, he held his own press conference and live streamed it on Periscope.

Milo is famously outspoken on Twitter and other social media platforms, talking about his sex life (he prefers black men), his politics (Donald Trump is his daddy), and his taste in music (Mariah Carey).

In an effort to bring more Milo to the masses, we’re going to be featuring a tweet or post from him every day for the foreseeable future. The first installment begins here.

On Monday, Milo took a stab at lefty HuffPost. He was responding to a tweet by Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlicter, who asked, “Say, what’s the difference between Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields? She has a job. @benshapiro #caring.”