American Hockey Hero Jim Craig’s ‘Miracle On Ice’ Goalie Mask Sells For INSANE Amount Of Money

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Former USA hockey goalie Jim Craig sold the mask he wore during the “Miracle on Ice” game for an astonishing $137,000.

Craig auctioned off several pieces of his famous equipment from the game against the Soviet Union through Leland auction house, according to Yahoo Sports(SLIDESHOW: Celebrate The Anniversary Of The ‘Miracle On Ice’ With These Historic Pictures)

His gold failed to meet the reserve price after only reaching a highest bid of a little more than $600,000.

Craig was a brick wall against the near unstoppable Soviet offensive attack that at obliterated most teams in the 1980 Olympics. However, when the heavily favored Communists ran up against the Americans in the medal round they had no idea what hit them. (RELATED: Foreigner Trashes The ‘Miracle On Ice,’ Americans Instantly Stuff Him Into A Locker)


The greatest upsets in sports history and the greatest moment in American hockey history.

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