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BuzzFeed is covering a story about Trump‘s golf course in Scotland with a slightly different angle. In the story, a farmer who owns lands next to one of the golf courses, put up a Mexican flag “to show solidarity with the Mexicans and every other group that Trump has decried, derided, insulted, and tried to marginalize.” Land issues with Trump and his Scottish links courses are ongoing and mostly unrelated to his political stances, but BuzzFeed is piling on. Why You Should Read It: BuzzFeed clearly hates Trump. Watch them blast him.

In local interest news, the Metro has hired four new people to “tackle anxious riders’ concerns about the yearlong maintenance plan,” according to As anyone in Washington is now acutely aware, the Metro is undergoing a massive series of repairs commonly referred to as the SafeTrack plan. It’s good to know that the Metro is considering our worries and interests, but one has to wonder…how much is this going to cost? Read It If You Want To.


What exactly is HuffPost going for with this home page look? It looks like something straight off the Drudge Report instead of their normal homepage aesthetic, especially since the article it links to is pretty calm and regular in its tone. Certainly set a weird tone for their front page.

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You probably already know that Donald Trump fired his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski this week, and CNN was able to grab an interview with him only a few hours later, after he was hounded by the AP and NBC before even getting to their studio. This article from Politico looks into just how in-demand Lewandowski was right after the story broke and shows us how impressive Dana Bash‘s interview skills were during her lengthy talk with him. Read It If You Want To.

On a lighter note, Dubs fans don’t need to feel too sad after Sunday night’s NBA Championship game: God still hates Cleveland, according to The Onion.