Gender Studies Professor Is FURIOUS That A Cleavage-Filled Breastaurant Has Opened

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A retired gender studies professor at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York is really mad that a restaurant featuring scantily-clad waitresses, beer and a wide selection of burgers has opened in a strip mall near Schenectady — about 30 miles from the Skidmore campus.

The restaurant is the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery, a breastaurant chain where the waitresses flaunt their cleavage and traipse around in short, plaid skirts — a Scottish-themed Hooters, if you will.

The Tilted Kilt franchise in question opened in suburban Niskayuna, N.Y. in April, reports The Post-Star, a newspaper out of nearby Glens Falls. Its official grand opening was in June.

The gender studies professor, Mary Zeiss Stange, criticizes the restaurant for hiring good-looking employees who dress sexily.

“Their website alone points precisely to the problem, which is the commodification of men as well as women,” Stange told The Post-Star.

“We know how early in life children are affected by images like these,” she added. “This is the last thing that young girls need to see right now.”

Other local residents are also upset about the new Tilted Kilt — which features a “wicked Boston burger,” “kick arse queso dip” and Bud Light among its food and beverage offerings.

“With all the work that has been done over the years and is still in progress to provide women with respect and equal opportunity, this seems to be more than one step backwards in progress,” angry Niskayuna high school student Marlene Rene told the local newspaper.

“Women are still struggling for equal treatment, for access to jobs based on ability, not bra size,” Niskayuna local Eleanor Aronstein wrote in a letter to the editor. “This ‘enterprise’ is an affront to an otherwise lovely community.”

Other residents don’t see the problem.

“It’s just a great place because all the girls are really friendly,” satisfied customer Brock Gingell told The Post-Star. “Plus, I’m a really big Orioles fan and they always turn the game on if I’m in. Honestly, it’s just a great place to hang out and watch the big game and their beers aren’t even expensive.”

Niskayuna town supervisor Joe Landry noted that the Tilted Kilt is licensed as a business and has run afoul of no laws.

Stange, the gender studies professor, apparently lives at least much of the time in rural Montana. She has taught religion courses and “courses on feminist theories and methodologies, ecofeminism and global and transnational feminism” at Skidmore, according to her faculty webpage. She has a Ph.D. in religion from Syracuse University.

She is also a strong proponent of gun rights.

“It is odd that when it comes to gun control, feminists welcome the same sorts of government intrusion on individual rights that they rightly abhor when it comes to reproductive freedom,” the professor wrote in a 2004 op-ed in USA Today.

Other published works by Stange include “Woman the Hunter,” “No More Raping: When Some Women Are Armed, Are All of Us Safer?” and “The Political Intolerance of Academic Feminism.”

She also calls Christians an extremist threat to America.

Earlier this academic year, Skidmore College president Philip A. Glotzbach vigorously urged students to saunter out of their classes in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters around the country. “Our community has made strides in increasing diversity, but it is clear that we are still far from realizing our ambitions in creating a climate that is fully inclusive,” Glotzbach sermonized in a recent email obtained by Campus Reform. (RELATED: College Presidents Grovel To Pampered Radicals At Mediocre, Absurdly Costly Private Schools)

He explained that he was eager to have Black Lives Matter disruptions at his fancypants school, where just 4 percent of the students are black, and where a single year of tuition, fees and room and board costs $62,032. (RELATED: America’s 14 Best Safety Schools)

The garishly modern Skidmore campus features a 54,000-square foot music center which is “aligned along a north-south axis” and “divided into two separate spheres of activity, with a wide, brightly lit glass atrium in the center.” The stage of the 600-seat Helen Filene Ladd concert hall — “designed to accommodate both a full orchestra and chorus” — features “a dramatic three-story-high glass wall overlooking nearby Haupt Pond.” There are also elaborate electronic music lab and piano labs.

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