Hillary Loses Ground In States Trump Is Targeting

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Although Hillary Clinton outperformed her 2008 Democratic primary results in the Deep South, she is nevertheless down in several states that Donald Trump is gunning to win in the fall.

The University of Virginia Center for Politics analyzed Clinton’s primary performance in 2008 and 2016 and produced the map below.

Screengrab: University of Virginia Center for Politics

“Running against the man who went on to become the first black president in history, Clinton did poorly with African-American voters in 2008. Eight years later, as a candidate who is effectively running for Obama’s third term, Clinton won over a huge percentage of black voters nationally,” Geoffrey Skelley, associate editor, Sabato’s Crystal Ball wrote. He added, “Her dramatic improvement among African Americans was most noteworthy in the Deep South, where the Democratic primary electorates were majority black.”

Outside of her Deep South dominance (fueled by her success with black voters), Clinton is down in the heavily-white states of Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Clinton is also down in New York. A source has previously told The Daily Caller that Trump’s pollster reiterated that Trump believes he could win New York.

[dcquiz]Trump’s path to the White House will most likely require strong support from white working class voters, who heavily populate the Rust Belt. Clinton is down in the 2016 primary compared to her 2008 performance in the Rust Belt states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign is intent on winning Pennsylvania.

Clinton is up from 2008 in the swing states of Florida and Virginia and performed similarly in Nevada.