Lagniappe: Trump Goes For Broke?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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1.  Guess who’s podcast Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) listens to while he jogs?

2.  Lisa Hagen discovers that Trump children played a major role in firing Trump’s campaign manager—more than they would care to admit.

3.  Trump breaks the bank and hits major donation deficit, coming into the convention with $1.3 million compared to Clinton’s $42 million, Theodore Screifler reports for CNN.

4.  Ben Kamisar for The Hill: Trump sends his first-ever fundraising appeal email 

5.  FLASHBACK: Clinton’s rumored veep choice would be the least-qualified nominee for the job in decades.”

6.  Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen wary of raising interest rates, Martin Crutsinger reports.

7.  The LA Times Editorial Board: “The Supreme Court winks at an illegal police stop”

8.  David Drucker: “The insurgency to overthrow Donald Trump in Cleveland is the latest danger sign for the presumptive Republican nominee’s troubled campaign.”

9.  Dr. Russell Moore on “why politic’s can’t drive the gospel”

10. Julie Beck investigates the challenge of “untangling gun violence from mental illness.”

11. Clinton looks to stock Democratic convention with a rock-star lineup to boost TV viewership, Annie Karni reports for Politico

12. “Take a lesson from Breaking Bad, don’t ignore party racism” political comedian Samantha Bee pleads the GOP

13. Contrary to original concerns, teen marijuana usage rates have dropped in Colorado after legalization

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