Selena Gomez Thinks Industry Needs ‘Female Sexism’

Brandon Katz Contributor
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Selena Gomez said the music industry needs “female sexism” during an episode of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden.

When Corden joked that Taylor Swift’s squad was sexist because they wouldn’t admit any men, Gomez didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Well, I think this industry could use a bit of female sexism,” the hit singer said. “I think we have a right to be that way. It’s a lot harder doing what I have to do. I think so.”

“So you’re saying no men in the squad ever?” Corden asked.

“Find me a boyfriend and then we’ll talk about it,” Gomez replied.

Gomez joked earlier in the segment that she likes to “consider myself an OG, like the original” when it comes to being a member of Swift’s vaunted inner circle. She did also offer Corden the chance to tag along “to a little hangout” with Swift and company.